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Premier Athletics is a sport training company based in Houston, Texas, with operations in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Premier provides year-round training and instruction in the game of basketball for athletes ages 11 to 20 years old. Premier specializes in comprehensive one-on-one training, and we also conduct training programs for small groups and teams. In addition, we offer 5-hour Shooting Clinics, 3-day Training Camps and 5-day Summer Camps. This is a comprehensive training and instruction program for those who are committed to improving their skills and gaining a more thorough understanding of this incredible sport.

Our mission is to impact the lives of our athletes through a unique program that combines exceptional training with ongoing support. We have a respect for the game and will use the principles of faith, dedication and hard work to guide our athletes and be a positive influence in their lives. At the heart of the program is our desire to bring this game to young athletes in a way that inspires them to grow and develop, both on and off the court.

Company founder, Stan Harris, and his brother, Alex, have strong backgrounds and bring tremendous basketball experience to Premier Athletics. Our father is Del Harris, one of the finest teachers of the game and a veteran of more than 30 years in the NBA. Our brother is Larry Harris, former General Manager and a veteran of more than 20 years in the NBA. Together, we have developed a rating system and training curriculum featuring professional drills and techniques for serious players at every level. God has given so much to our family through the game of basketball, and Premier Athletics gives us a way to pass on our experience and knowledge.

Although we are happy to train athletes on a one-time basis, the Premier program is unique in providing ongoing training and support. We hope to build a lasting relationship with our athletes and their parents, and every athlete will receive our unwavering support as they advance from one level to the next. For those with the ability and desire to play at the collegiate level, Premier also offers advanced services like nutrition advice and strength training. In addition, Premier has established relationships with college programs and coaches that know our athletes are schooled in the fundamentals and are prepared to compete at the collegiate level.

Offense - Low Post / Mid Range / 3-point / Free Throw / Dribble Drive / Specialty Shots
Defense - On-the-Ball / Off-the-Ball / Shot Blocking / Footwork / Angles and Positioning
Rebounding - Offensive / Defensive / Footwork / Anticipation / Positioning / Pursuit
Ball Handling - Passing / Dribbling / Court Vision / Playmaking
Mental Approach - Basketball IQ / Decision Making / Effort and Attitude

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